Friday, September 6, 2013

UPDATE – Final Fantasy VI: General Leo Edition Hack

Gentle Reader,

The General Leo Edition Hack is progressing well.  Here are a few screenshots of new and updated content.

More screen time for minor characters.
Catching up in the World of Ruin.
There is new Siegfried content. (Sorry!)
Don't go into this unprepared...!
Always had a soft spot for Chupon.
You can get the dummied rages now!
Item and spell names are cleaned up.
Espers are generally improved.

Update #1 
Original Article

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  1. I just recalled something. So when characters are very low health in ff6,they have access to a desperation attack.

    I guess Leo didn't have one, but I think Edgar's would probably suit him. But, not a big deal at all. I've played ff6 probably more than 10 times and ive only seen it activated once.

    1. Ha ha, yes. The infamous Desperation Attacks! I've probably triggered them once or twice in 18 years of playing this game.

      My custom Leo does have one, a brand new one, and it's pretty darn cool. Obviously though, since the chances of triggering it are almost nil, I'll probably include it in a bonus feature video or something. Otherwise, when will anybody see it???

  2. Which character was replaced for Leo? Or was that not necessary for ff6?

    1. I did have to demote one of the characters to "guest character" status, yes. As for which one, you'll have to wait and see, ha ha.

  3. Heheh, maybe he will keep it a surprise. My guess would be Gogo or Shadow.


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