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DOWNLOAD - Final Fantasy VI: General Leo Edition Hack v1.0

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It's here!  So... give it a try!

General Leo Edition Hack version 3.2 download (Updated 1/18/2016) article

Here are some additional preview images.

Siegfried still isn't actually important.
A new scene with Leo!
Reinterpreting awkward translations.
Exploring Imperial household relationships...
Like adoptive father, like demented son...
Gogo and Umaro get some actual lines.
Maria, at last!!!

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  1. I'm gonna spread this around! So excited!

    1. ROFL!!! I tried to watch the video at work but there was no sound, so at first I was like... huh? But I'm getting the context now, so thank you very much! ^_^

  2. Really enjoying it so far. I am wondering what happens if you fulfill the requirement to get shadow on the floating continent. It's funny... I don't think I'd have ever figured out Shadow was an obtainable character without a guide.

    Also, this caught my attention recently.

    It's just a funny little glitch involving Leo.

    1. I watched the video and I am glad that the glitch turned out to be a bit of a dud, because I was bummed that it was gonna steal my thunder!

    2. Oh, by the way. About the Floating Continent. There is no option to wait, you jump for the airship as soon as you reach the end. You essentially "get credit" for waiting for Shadow automatically.

  3. I don't know how much difference it would make to you (as it is a decidedly minor bug, though amusing to me, heh), but the readMe file for the hack did say to contact you if someone "finds any additional bugs". (And I have a screenshot as some degree of evidence, if you'd like.) During Sabin's scenario, on the Phantom Train, I mysteriously got a dialogue box stating
    "Leo: I overheard your conversation."
    when attempting to eat at the table in the dining car. I would like to imagine this is not intentional. Granted, it does seem relatively harmless (and quite amusing to me), since it only seems to replace Sabin's expected line of "Food! Chop! Let's go slop the hogs!" But I just wanted to point this out, in case it was something you would want to be made aware of.
    And on a small side note: Will the way to re-recruit Leo in the World of Ruin be extremely obvious? Or will I need to look around for some special event trigger before he shows his beautiful mug? (Or did you state this somewhere really obvious and I've missed it? Feel free to smack me over the head with it if this is the case, because I'll deserve to feel like an idiot, heh.) No need for spoilers in any case, as I would like to witness all the surprises in this hack for myself, but, yes. I'm actually quite interested in seeing where this hack goes. Nevermind some mere GameGenie code(s) to force him back in under the usual guest status, a hack that makes him an actually viable storyline party member beyond merely Thamasa? I like it! And I will plow through as much of FF6 as I can to get to the new stuff, the good stuff. I'm rather excited to see what you have in store...heh.

    1. ROFL, thank you for the heads up about the messed up dialogue box. It will be fixed in the next release.

      The method of recruiting Leo is pretty obvious, IMO. I took no steps to make him a "secret character" or anything like that.

      Thanks for the feedback, and please let me know if anything else comes up! I have gotten some other bug reports... Looks like Leo doesn't get added to the party with some versions of the ROM. I will isolate and fix the problem. If this happens to you, keep in mind that you can always use your existing save states with a fixed version of the patch.

    2. Same guy as before, sorry I have to post Anonymous. (I don't have one of these blogger-things, and I don't think it would come across as very nice to try to use my YouTube channel as my "website"; sounds too much like unwarranted advertising, heh. Though I can at least drop my online name of "Bohepans", anyway, in case we talk here further. It's surely better than just referring to me as "you" or "stranger" or "Mr. Thou", anyway! Hah.)
      Old save states compatible with future releases? That's possible? And someone's actually willing to do it?! You're an angel! I rarely run into ROMhacks/hackers quite so nice. (I'm strange, I swear. I feel like most people that get into playing ROMhacks mostly play Super Mario World hacks...and what do *I* play? FF6 ROMhacks. And 6 isn't even my favorite in the series! XD But it is high ranked for me at least, don't get me wrong there.)
      Anyway, I'm glad my feedback was helpful. I wasn't even sure if I should, since it seemed like such a minor, silly thing. But since you left an option that wasn't e-mail, I figured, what the heck. Bound to be less hassle than trying to do it by e-mail.
      It's a relief to know finding WoR General Leo won't be difficult. The current ROMhack I'm playing for my YouTube channel, it felt like it was going out of its way to hide its Umaro/Gogo replacements (one clue for the former, zero clues that I'm aware of for the latter, over three straight hours of nonstop searching - I was not a happy camper). So now that I've been introduced to the idea that it's possible, I'm kinda iffy on said idea. And that's why I'm very grateful to hear you didn't do anything like that. Thank you! Much appreciated!
      And I admit, the line I found up there that was accidentally replaced, it's a tiny bit obscure anyway. For years, I didn't know you could reuse the dining table on the Phantom Train, and get small, specific lines for each possible lead character there. So of late, I specifically do so since the novelty hasn't worn off yet, heh. (And because you never know what lines of dialogue a hack might secretly or at least covertly change. Or in this case, unintentionally glitch! Hah. Good times.)
      ...Sorry if I tend to ramble a bit/lot. If I make any further comments, I can try to reign in that insanity, if you'd like. Anyway! I will be glad to let you know if I run into anything else, especially before 1.1 gets released.
      Oh, and backing up a bit in storyline, I am surprised you managed to almost if not actually seamlessly change the dialogue leading up to naming General Leo. You having the soldiers at the Imperial Camp refer to him as "the general" almost slipped by me! And then when I noticed the change, I was like "But hey...that feels natural. It doesn't feel too ROMhack-obvious at all, except maybe to the really detail-oriented crazy purists." Heck, I'd respectfully call that man "The General" as well. We are not worthy to call you by first name! O General, My General! ...Um. Ahem. Yes.

    3. Ha ha, I really enjoyed your comment! First, feel free to plug your channel here, I just subscribed to you! Regarding save states, yes, save states from the current release will be compatible with any modified future releases. As for getting General Leo in the WOR, he's not going to just walk up and join, but he's no harder to get than Cyan or Mog or the others, but I'll leave it to you to find on your own. Thank you for your comment too about the changes not seeming unnatural. I really put in an effort to make the alterations seem like they just belong there, and to stay away from any stuff that is too fanfictiony. Oh, and I do share your love of General Leo, he is the only FFVI character that I would marry, just sayin'!

    4. Okay, I ran into a WEIRD one least, weird to me. I've never witnessed anything like it. I don't know if this apparent bug is from your hack or the unhacked game and I happen to be unaware of it or what, but. Though I will concede the latter is VERY possible, given how insanely buggy this game is (rivaling Pokémon Red/Blue, for crying out loud XD - but considering I have a 145 KB Notepad file of someone's attempt to document EVERY single known bug in FF6, both big and small...). Anyway.
      Do you remember a Chocobo Stable in the World of Balance that's just north of the house that eventually becomes the Colosseum in the World of Ruin? Well, upon making a trip to said house (to get the Hero Ring buried within), I accidentally walked into the Chocobo Stable. Thinking that I didn't want to avoid encounters for right now, I immediately walked out without a second thought. But then...something happened. I can't attribute this to luck, because I don't think the game can RNG this little scenario into existence. I walked from that Chocobo Stable...all the way to Jidoor. WITHOUT *ONE* RANDOM ENCOUNTER. Um. What did I break?
      Now. I -could- be wrong. I will definitely acknowledge the possibility. I'm no FF6 expert, far from. But. I do not believe the game mechanics allow one to walk THAT many steps without a single random encounter, not without Moogle Charm. I don't think even the Charm Bangle and its reduced encounter rate would or even could cause that to happen.
      And this wasn't a one-off. I tested it two more times. First one was simple, Chocobo Stable to the Opera House and back to Jidoor. The second time, I went from the Chocobo Stable, down to the Opera House, then around to Zozo, then back around to the house up north near the Chocobo Stable, then back to the Opera House, then back to the house up north, then did several north and south sweeps from the desert where Figaro pops up to a bit east of the house up north and back down again, up and down repeatedly in Zsnes turbo time, and not one bloody encounter. The effect seems to end as soon as one leaves the world map and enters a town/house/whatever, but yeah. This is just...WAY too weird. I mean it's not a fatal glitch or anything, that I can see yet, but it's still unlikely to be intended behavior...
      Any thoughts on this?
      And secondarily, do you want me to leave any further comments/bug reports/musings/questions about the hack here, or on YouTube? Whatever is easier/better for you is fine by me, but I just wanted to ask to be sure!

    5. Yes, PLEASE do continue to report any bugs, no matter how small. I always expect a 1.0 release to have bugs, but I like to have a perfect, bug-free release by the time I get to 1.3 or 1.4. Also, I will check on the encounter problem. The two world maps are divided into grids and it is possible to increase, reduce, or shut off encounters in any particular part of the grid. I might have accidentally shut off the square that the Kohlingen Chocobo Stable is in, and that could lead to no encounters until the encounter rate is reset by entering a location. Thanks agan! BTW loving your Zelda I playthrough!

    6. Well thank you sir, it is much appreciated. ^_^; I know my style isn't exactly for everyone, so I do appreciate knowing at least a few people are entertained by my craziness! Anyway...
      This next thing I want to note...actually, instead of noting, I'll ask a question, and THEN mention why I bring it up. In case I'm wrong and I'm looking a gift pony in the mouth. ...Er, horse. Gah. Anyway! Did you change any of the Rages and/or the mechanics behind them? Like, even just one of them, and only slightly? My Templar Rage is doing something that is beyond what Rages are typically capable of...nothing that causes glitches, just something extra advantageous.
      Secondly, an even more minor thing. It's not big deal; I'll live. Just. A small part of me wishes you had used Version 1.0 of FF3 instead of 1.1, because I wanted to mix a patch with yours. Normally that sort of thing is dangerous, true, but I did find a program that is pretty reliable (in my experiences so far) in detecting if patches will clash, that is, attempt to overwrite the same lines of code. (It made sure I didn't foolishly add a patch to allow Relm to learn magic by level up. It clashes with yours, sadface! Sketch/Control don't appeal to me, but that Magic stat...) At least I got to use an Alphabetic Rage patch, very nice now that I finally have a good excuse to use it, but what I really wanted was to use a patch that allows for Gau to learn Rages without need for the tedium of spending an hour or ten on the Veldt to Leap the right enemy (it apparently allows Gau to learn Rages like Strago learns Lores - if he sees the enemy and lives, he learns the Rage after that battle). I mean I can live; I've done it a hundred times before, and I will surely do it a thousand times more in my lifetime, heh. It just would have been nice to reach General Leo a bit faster, is all. Though I admit curiosity as to why you went with 1.1 of the game for your patch. Perhaps so you wouldn't need a Sketch bugfix to stack onto your patch as well?
      Thinking about what you said about encounter rates, it makes me think of Pokémon Red/Blue. (Oh gawd, not POGEEMANZ again! D: ...Ahem, but seriously.) It also had issues in one or two places with resetting a variable with encounters (rather than frequency, though, just what you see). I wonder if perhaps it was/is difficult to program such a thing effectively...
      Lastly, I realize I must have phrased something badly before. My bad. ^_^; I know you want more reports, however minor, sure. I'm happy to do that. What I had meant was, would you prefer to get them here, or on YouTube (via comment on your channel and/or) PM? I just want to make sure our communications are convenient for you. (I'd hate to keep dragging you here if there is an easier way that you'd prefer, so!)
      What? There's a character limit?! Oops...sorry, guess I'll have to divide up my comment. Well. That's embarrassing.

    7. And as a PS, Gau can seriously be overpowered at points, heh. >.> Dadaluma, Stop, you thief! ...I didn't mean it literally, but sure, Numblade it is. Gau, thanks for making that fight a walk in the park. Dadaluma gets 0 turns! I think we call that a Flawless Victory.
      ...okay, as a more meaty PS, I saw you mentioned on your next Blog entry thing about how you weren't big on the script changes in Stand Guard. Personally, from what I read about it, I can agree with that idea. But more so, I think there's another hack just as bad about that, with one or two other things that bug me equally. Do you know about a hack by name of Brave New World? Not that I want to get in any opinion wars with anyone, of course. (God help us all, arguing on the thank you, I'll just express my opinion then shut up like a good little brat, thank you so much. ^_^; Anyway.) But to say that a lot of changes in that hack, from what I've seen...bug me. I feel like Celes('s dialogue) was not done the justice she deserves, there's a lot of restrictions going around that more feel tedious/annoying to me than like legitimate challenge, and just...yeah. Maybe I've just played too many "difficulty" ROMhacks and I feel jaded by now. ^_^; But let's just say that a combination of that and playing your hack now, I have a greater appreciation for smaller scale hacks (yours feels just right in size - it's not some minor standalone bugfix, nor is it trying to totally revamp the game and make the script into one massive fanfic shoveling abrasive character interpretations into anyone's face). This is not to insult or criticize the work that goes into big hacks, but to say that some just don't feel right to me, and so a nice medium-ish sized hack like yours feels just right.
      Wow, this comment went on for far longer than I intended it to! Sorry to start rambling/ranting near the end like that! ^_^;; But, yes. And again, thank you for your kind words about my videos! Much appreciated! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll find another playthrough and/or set of videos on my channel to entertain you...

    8. And for an extremely minor note: Onion Nite? Yes, I chuckled. XD Sadly, I only get that reference because of Dissidia Final Fantasy making me aware of the existence of FF3's party being "Onion Knights", but still, yeah.

    9. Bohepans: Yes, I did tweak all of the Rages, all of the Sketch ability sets, and all of the Control ability sets. A lot of them were incomplete or essentially duplicated other sets. So, I tried to make each of them distinct and pack as much power into each as I could, without changing the stats of the abilities or enemies themselves. As for the 1.0/1.1 thing, I only used 1.1 because that was the version of the ROM that I came upon when I Googled for it, ha ha! Also, it's OK with me if you post comments here, on my YouTube channel, or e-mail them to me, it's all good. No, I haven't tried the Brave New World hack. I almost never play hacks because they tend to not cater to my tastes at all. I don't like hardtype or easytype hacks, and most story hacks are so fanfictiony, I just can't get into it. Basically, I play the hacks that I would want to play. Sometimes I think many hack makers are just playing around and give little thought to the actual experience of the player.

    10. Okay, since you say you tweaked all the Rages, then I must ask. Why do the SlamDancer and Templar Rages both have Fire2 (originally SlamDancer was Ice2, if I recall), when Templar is available notably sooner plus has Auto-Protect, while not have any advantages to compare with that whatsoever? Did I miss some other "Auto-" effect SlamDancer has? Does she have superior status protections? Or should I just keep playing and figure it out on my own? I can totally support the Templar Rage sporting a nice AXE to, I mean Axe to replace the standard physical attack, but I must express confusion as to why SlamDancer now feels like an inferior version of Templar. Again, though, I ask in case I've missed something; by all means, let me know. I mean yes, Dark Side Rage has Ice2, but is also Undead and carries Seizure, neither of which are positive things in my book. Unless of course you changed that and I just haven't seen it yet out of habit of never using said Rage once I get SlamDancer. Just curious, is all! ...Ooh, though that does make me wonder if Intangir was on your list of Rage tweaks. If he doesn't suicide anymore, that would suddenly be a viable something, heh. I'll be grabbing him soon!
      On the note of Brave New World, I'll say this: Having Kefka spew F-bombs repeatedly, while granted not necessarily against his "I really don't care about anyone else but myself" personality trait, just has no elegance in my opinion. It feels silly and gets used too much. I mean yes, if someone stabbed ME with a big ol' sword and it might have been a mortal strike, I'd swear a bit, for sure. But the BNW Kefka I saw just never seemed to stop...regardless of the situation. And it felt kinda forced, I guess? Or at least unnecessary. So yes, probably a good call on your part to pass on Brave New World. The challenge feels more tedious and less fun to me, and the dialogue definitely got re-written all over the place, and not always pleasantly, so. But again, just my opinion.
      To end on a more positive note, though. Yes, out of the MagiTek Factory (paused during the Crane fight to come check here for a response), and soon to General Leo, I'm very sure of it. I declare this to be a fine hack so far, and I haven't even reached the main attraction yet! People might say I'm speaking too soon, but still, for what it's worth, that's my opinion right now. ^_^ Almost there! Can't stop me now, game!

    11. Although I made an effort to balance the Rages, it's always possible that I might have nerfed one, ha ha. Please take note of any others you see that seem like they've been gutted and I will look at adjusting them for the next release. As for your description of the Kefka in that other hack, well, I guess I just have a really different idea of Kefka. Kefka was raised in a privileged position within the Imperial household, so while he is completely mad, he should also come off as educated and cunning. He flies into rages, sure, but he's not the type to be crude, you know what I mean?

    12. That is a fair perception of Kefka, sure. I can certainly get some degree of that feel from Square's rendition of him in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and the sequel Duodecim. And from that angle, he again doesn't strike me as the "swear out anyone I feel like" type, so I further shake my head at that hack's interpretation of his lines/personality. But I suppose everyone has different opinions and perceptions on things, so I try not to judge, just that in a hack, it feels awkward. Anyway, yes, moving right along!
      Looking at SlamDancer's detailed information (thank you GameFAQs, thank you MasterZed)...same elemental alignments (just weak to Poison), but while Templar has no status immunities (other than technically Protect, but that's because of FF6's coding to enforce permanent Protect status), whereas SlamDancer is immune to Poison (status), Imp, Berserk, and Confuse. Though given none of those jump out at me as amazing protection, and I am quite fond of Auto-Protect, yeah, I'm gonna say SlamDancer won't be replacing Templar for me any time soon. But by all means, it's your judgment call, and I'll respect whatever you go with on it. Just throwin' out my opinion, heh.
      Oh, and as a small note, thank you for not taking out the Vanish-Doom bug. I make use of it in ONE major instance (okay, two, the other I'll mention later), defeating Intangir. I've done it legitimately, in at least a few hacks and I think as well the base game, but it takes too much time and effort; it's hardly worth it. At least with the Vanish-Doom bug, I just Snare him out of existence for a quick 10 AP, call it a day. Sure, some may call it unfair, but in the World of Balance, you really have no good offensive options to deplete 32,000 HP...or 16,000 MP. I won't use the bug cheaply anywhere else shy of WrexSoul, for what it's worth (if only because fighting him straight legit is just one gimmick I can't stand - having to murder your own allies to win a boss fight feels kinda tedious and more so wrong...). But Intangir, no, it's hardly even a fair fight. You'd have to get Gau to Rage Rhinox to spam Life3s all day and wait for him to hit the right target(s) before going for another round of assault on the guy. I'd rather just Snare and go. But, that's just me...heh.
      Anyway, off to get more Rages, and learn more spells. More progress next time I have something to report!

    13. ...Oh, and you did intend for Cyan to suddenly have the ability to equip the three elemental blades from the MagiTek Factory, right? It took me unaware, but hey, expanded equipment pool draws no complaints from me, heh. Could be convenient! Myself, I am very fond of Cyan as a character - but I'll admit his SwdTech/Bushido has its flaws, sadly. I'm pretty fond of Dispatch, but I know it eventually loses its luster, and the other Sword Techs tend to take too long to charge for my tastes. If Sword Tech could be revamped to have all eight Bushidos be a lot more viable, Cyan would probably never leave my party, heh. But as it is...poor guy. Oh, uh, sorry, not that I meant to go off on this tangent!
      Oh, are any of these new scenes that you repurposed from Shadow's dreams triggered by sleeping at an inn like those were? Or can I skip on trying to get the RNG to cooperate with me on inn rests? (Sometimes I have a really hard time getting Shadow's dreams to trigger, despite what I've read that it's a 50/50 shot every time a party containing Shadow sleeps in a bed/beds of some sort, inn or not, as long as you're not in Thamasa.)

    14. Bohepans: hey, how are you doing today? First, I thought about fixing the Vanish-Doom bug, but I left it in for the exact same reasons that you cite. I hate fighting Intangir, and I hate Wrexsoul even more! Ha ha. And yes, it was definitely intentional to let Cyan use the elemental swords, I thought it might increase his usefulness for the Magitek Research Facility part of the game. Lastly, I hate RNG-baesd events, so no, there are none of those in the hack!

    15. Today wasn't the best day for accomplishing stuff, I fear. ^_^; Had some internet troubles and more so computer troubles (again...), so I wasn't able to get much progress done in the hack. A few spells learned via Intangir's generous AP gifts, but that's about it. Still gonna try to get a bit more in before succumbing to sleep.
      Did get one thing noticed, at least! Grabbing all the Rages I can find, and...observation.
      Dark Side
      absorb poison, weak fire/holy
      auto-seizure/float, undead
      immune blind, poison, imp, petrify, mute, berserk, sleep
      weak poison
      immune blind, sleep
      Why do I bring this up? Dark Side used to have Ice2. Poor beggar got dropped down to Fire1 in your hack, competing with a mere Soldier for any sort of screen time. ^_^; Also means that now I have no source of Ice 2 right now, through Rages anyway. @_@ Fire2 has Templar(/SlamDancer), while Bolt2 still has Hazer. I'll keep looking, but I haven't found any other Ice2 casters so far...
      Though I have nothing but approval for Intangir Rage now casting a big ol' Step Mine instead of just passing away useless via Pep Up. Thank you! Intagir viable once more! Though unlike what some might argue, he won't -replace- Magic Urn for me. Intangir Rage is still vulnerable to nasty Death spells this way, so Magic Pot can cover those.
      Lastly, is Shock still gonna be Magic Power based? And somewhat related, will the Retainer Rage still have access to Shock? Since General Leo lives, it might make more sense to make Retainer Rage do something that isn't such a shallow imitation and a mere shadow of the great man who lived this time instead of dying, heh. But that's just my thoughts. Anyway, sorry I didn't get back to you and make a comment sooner. Like I covered, today was a bit stressful, heh. But I'll get more progress in soon, promise. Oh, but next post, I think I'll move the conversation over to YouTube in some way - the damn Captcha thing is starting to get testy with me. (I swear I type in what it says and yet sometimes it just doesn't take it, just to be ornery...) And basically no chance I'll run into any pesky character limits if I go to PM format, so!
      PS: I share your sentiments on RNG based events. Number one offender for me personally...Shiny Pokémon. Game Freak, you've had my loyalty since 1998, '99 at the latest. And yet not one legit Shiny (aside from events, and storyline Red Gyarados) in the like, 13 years since Gen 2 debuted here. That's a lot of game hours, Nintendo! Aiya...

    16. Oh, and just to confirm. You wanted the Gaia Gear to be equipped by less characters...AND wanted to make it noticeably harder to steal? ^_^; Though I guess it is awfully abuseable when you're supposed to go to the Sealed Gate, not to the area around Thamasa to steal better gear, so I couldn't totally blame you if that was your intent. Just wanted to make sure, though, as I plan to finally head off there, and then call it a night.

    17. Okay, and another minor note. OMG SIEGFRIED AT VECTOR. ...ahem. Sorry, just, I always felt Siegfried deserved more screen time, not just his imposter Z-dude, so. Vector really isn't your scene though, is it, Siegfried? Who needs Espers! Siegfried has HYPERDRIVE. (Badass. I played a hack where that was his Rage attack...very powerful, very useful, heh.) Even Kefka wishes his Hyperdrive could be as powerful, heh.

    18. Much less minor note, and seriously after this, I'll just wait until you actually respond before bombarding you with more. ^_^; But this is a slightly more serious note about the game, an event that seems oddly changed.
      I haven't finished the Imperial Banquet scene yet, so I'm not sure how much this affects it, but. Something unexpected happened. There's an outside balcony-looking screen (a scene from the game's intro where Kefka is walking inside the building), where you normally find four MagiTek Armor soldiers standing near the three doors, and one soldier walking around on the left side of the screen, who says something like "You're not wanted! Leave!". ...The soldier walking around is completely M.I.A. He's gone. I can only find 23 soldiers instead of the expected 24. I've loaded state and done several rewinds, I even started the event completely over again to take a careful head count and follow a guide to make sure I wasn't forgetting or missing someone. But I'm afraid a solider is actually physically missing. I'll go ahead and finish the banquet to see if I can still score enough points to get the best reward, and granted I should since I don't think that's a soldier you fight (as those give you more points apparently, 5 extra for winning the battle), but I just wanted to bring this to your attention just in case it was an accident or an oversight or something.

    19. OK man, you crack me up. A few notes. First, I'm about to upload patch version 1.1 and also submit it to It's basically a fix for the bugs/errors reported so far. Feel free to download and use immediately with your existing saves, you shouldn't see any disruption. One thing you WILL see with the patch is that the Slam Dancer and Dark Side rages are restored! As for Shock, I made no changes to it, and Retainer still uses it. Any ideas for something else for him to use instead? And yes, I did restrict Gaia Gear, I thought it was too easy to abuse! Glad you liked Siegfried at Vector, you'll see him more in future events! And as for the 24th trooper, he was removed intentionally to make room for another event that you will soon find. BUT, you get "credit" for him automatically, so no worries!

  4. I love you for this. I spent so many hours trying to find the Leo secret as a kid, I'm morally obligated to play this now.
    For your next project you should make an Aeris Edition of Final Fantasy VII. . . no, screw that, a Sephiroth Edition. Make Aeris the endboss; I want the badass in my party!

    1. Ha ha thanks! There are still some bugs but they will be addressed in the next release, which will be out in a few weeks. As for future hacks, I do have some ideas for similar projects, so stay tuned!


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