Friday, October 30, 2015

Some bad Transformers fanfiction.

In 1986 I was seven years old, and totally obsessed with Transformers:  the Movie and the post-movie cartoon episodes.  My toys of the movie cast are pretty much the only childhood toys I still have (aside from LEGO, I am a LEGO maniac), and I think that whole experience with Transformers ended up being a significant moment in the development of my psyche.

Here is a post-movie "episode" I wrote a long time ago about Octane, the Decepticon smuggler who ended up working with the Autobots, if begrudgingly, in several post-movie episodes.  I always loved this character, so it was fun to write as him, the Junkions, Cyclonus and the Sweeps, and so many of these other much-loved friends from another time.

The female Junkion in the story did actually appear on the show.  I've included a screen capture for anyone who doesn't remember.

Anyway, I'm generally not a fanfiction person, but... enjoy!  I've got a few of these around somewhere, might upload more later.

Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween!  ^_^