Thursday, September 26, 2013

General Leo Edition: Important Notice!!!

Gentle Reader,

Just found a pretty serious bug in the General Leo Edition hack, which will be corrected in Version 1.1.

General Leo joins the party when they return to the airship after the events at Thamasa.  Here's the thing... to get Leo to appear, when you are prompted to "Find the Floating Continent," "Lift-off," or "Not just yet," be sure to choose "Not just yet."  This is what actually activates Leo and adds him to the party.  If you don't do this the first time... then Leo won't join in the World of Balance.

I am so sorry that I didn't catch this! Again, it wasn't my intention to do it this way, and the error will be corrected in the next release!

Ever Yours,


  1. Thank you for your work on this, and letting everyone know to be careful of this bug. I had a question: can I apply your hack after applying one that alters the overall dialogue of the game? Specifically I was looking at Spooniest's Stand Guard hack. In theory I assume your changes would override any he made, allowing me to play with his updated script as well as your changes as well. Is this something that would work or will I likely just have it bug out?

    1. Good question. I'm sure the resulting ROM would be playable, but my guess is that the text would be pretty garbled up in places. I had to move and reappropriate a lot of text strings to make things fit, and I bet that the other guy did the same thing. So, combining the two would likely result in a pretty funky experience.

  2. Regarding stand guard: while I appreciate all the bugfixes, some things from standguard just don't sit right with me. Particularly the altering of the script (changer Esper to Eidolon and having "Eidol" as the menu command to for them, etc... There's a lot of cool things about stand guard, but it feels too far removed from the Ted Woolsley translation for me.

    1. I'm with you. I haven't played Stand Guard so I can't comment on it, but personally, I have never been able to get behind retranslations. I see no virtue in literalism; it kills all charm and exchanges subtlety for directness, which is rarely a good stylistc move. Woolsey did it right, and I'll stick with him. For me, part of the fun of this project was trying to create new content while retaining Woolsey's style and voice.


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