Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DOWNLOAD - Final Fantasy VI: General Leo Edition Hack v3.1

Gentle Reader,

Version 3.1 of the General Leo Edition hack is here!

This version is pretty ambitious, delivering a LOT of expanded scenes.  It still feels very much like the original Woolsey translation, but it explores such questions as:
  • Why was Celes branded a traitor?
  • Did Cyan know who Sabin was when they met?
  • Why can Celes sing like she does?
  • Did something happen between Setzer and Maria?
  • Where was Celes during the banquet?
  • Why was Relm in the cave on the Veldt?
  • And many more!
See the included readme for more details.

Enjoy!  And as always, I'm happy to receive your feedback.

General Leo Edition Hack version 3.2 download (Updated 1/18/16) article

Thanks for supporting the project!  :)

Ever Yours,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

General Leo Edition v3.1 Update!

Gentle Reader,

Watch this space for a hack release on October 1!  The next release contains a lot of new dialogue and expanded scenes, as well as some new items and bug fixes.

Here are some preview images!

Ever Yours,