Sunday, June 1, 2014

DOWNLOAD - Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack v2.0

Gentle Reader,


Version 2.0 of my Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack is now available!

Updates in this release:
  • Improved character balancing
  • Restoration of a dummied-out enemy
  • Lots of menu and text cleanup
  • Various minor improvements

The download file contains setup instructions.  Please share any bug reports or other feedback!

Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack Verson 3.0 download (Updated 6/23/15) Article

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Ever Yours,


  1. Oooooo...I've never played Phantasy Star II. I have only played IV. I might need to do a blind run of this hack. After a certain other hack is complete. :)

  2. After applying the hack, fusion won't load it due to checksum issues. When I run the checksum fix, it doesn't see the modded rom as selectable due to the extension being different. If I tell Fusion to autofix the rom, it does, but then the rom doesn't work and crashes on the intro.

  3. Since I haven't heard from you in a while on any medium, I wanted to drop a comment here too, in case the others hadn't worked or didn't reach you. Neither myself nor Riskman/Magrail have heard from you in about two months, so we just wanted to check up on things, make sure you were okay and life was still going all right on your end.


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