Monday, June 10, 2013

Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack

Gentle Reader,

It is with tremendous pleasure and excitement that I announce my next major game hacking project:  a modernization and overall streamlining of 1989's Phantasy Star II for the Sega Genesis, one of my most beloved games of all time.

  • Technique arsenals are revamped for all characters (except for Rudo, who still does not use techniques).  As in Phantasy Star IV, characters who learn the base level of a technique will also learn whatever Gi-, Na-, and Sa- levels are available.  Hugh and Kain learn their specialized techniques quite early on in order to maximize their usefulness.  Anna and Shir are much more effective as support characters.  Also:  Amy, Hugh, Anna, Kain, and Shir learn all of their techniques as of level 25, so you can get full usage out of the entire team without having to do any power-grinding.
  • No more random discrepancies as to who can use which equipment.  Example:  Amy, Anna, and Shir can equip all of the capes, crowns, and emels in the game.  Characters still have strengths and weaknesses without the artificial crippling of grossly limited equipment.
  • The contents of shops are greatly simplified and dole out new equipment in a much more orderly, predictable, and sensible manner.
  • Useless low-level equipment like the Sonic Gun and Boomerang is retired in favor of new equipment, much of which will be familiar to players of the other games in the series.
  • Enemies provide experience and money at double the original rate.
  • The script is essentially unchanged, but I am fixing many large and small grammatical howlers.
  • Repairing as many bugs as possible from the original game.


Rolf's late-game inventory
Late-game storage locker
Amy's late-game technique arsenal
Hugh's late-game technique arsenal
The game's first armor shop
The game's last weapon shop
Finally, it's possible to buy the atomizers! ^_^

The hack is currently about 90% complete.  I've been able to implement all of the features that I initially planned, excluding one thing:  I have not been able to figure out how the game controls which special effects are produced by weapons and armor when they are used as items in battle.  If you know how this works, or are willing to help me figure it out, please contact me.


Ever Yours,

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