Saturday, June 15, 2013

PREVIEW - Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack

Gentle Reader,

Here is a preview of the attract mode text rewrite for my Phantasy Star II modernization hack. As with other elements of the hack, the idea here (beyond cleaning up the text itself) is to strengthen continuity by including more allusions to elements from other games in the series, and also to provide greater stylistic cohesion with Phantasy Star IV.

More to come, and thanks for watching!

Phantasy Star II Modernization Hack Verson 3.0 download (Updated 6/23/15)
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  1. Could not get this to work on Kega Fusion or Gens. Tried the unpatched ROM alone and it worked fine, so it is the patch.

    1. Daverpg: Depending on which version of the ROM you use, you might have to fix the checksum before the ROM will play. This is a common problem with Genesis hacks. I suggest using FixChecksum.exe ( Run that on the patched ROM and it should work great. Let me know if it works for you!


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