Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quick Sketch - Empress Celes

Concept: In the years following Kefka’s defeat, Celes returned to the Southern Continent in the hope of making amends for deeds she committed while a general of the Empire.  To her surprise, she was welcomed, and local elites pressed for Celes to ascend to the vacant imperial throne.  She was reluctant, but came to see that such a position would allow her to foster strong relationships with other lands and redeem the reputation of her people.  Locke eventually became her consort, although it must be said that, despite his unwavering devotion to Celes, he was probably one of the more reluctant princes in history…


  1. Empress Celes: Queen she may be, but always will she remain herself. A lovely little sketch, I must say. Serious and tough, yet beautiful, that's our General-turned-royalty. It definitely reminds me of the Amano style. (Not that I'm an expert or anything! That's just what immediately comes to mind. ^_^; Anyway.)

    1. LOL Thanks, this was my quick-and-dirty attempt to capture Amano. I think I could pull it off but I'd need a lot more time than the 20-odd minutes that went into this piece. His style is so light and carefree, which means that nobody but him can do it without a lot of effort.


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