Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who do people do this?

Gentle Reader,

I had a really bad day and got some really bad news.  By this evening I was feeling very upset and stressed out during the time that I'm supposed to be trying to relax and working on the projects that bring some meaning into my life.

So, I check my YouTube inbox and I have a message from someone I've never interacted with before.  This person says that they saw on another website how another person was really trashing me.  Now, I'm not completely naive.  I had a feeling right off that it might be a spam message, and sure enough, it was (the link provided connects to a survey page that installs malware).  The thing is, the message said, among other things, "Somebody out there must really hate you."  That is just such a bad, bad, bad thing to read in an anonymous message written in a concern-troll type of voice.  It's like, getting kicked in the teeth when you're already down.  What a horrible, horrible way to trick someone into clicking your link.

I will never understand spammers.  I will never understand trolls.  I will never understand people.

Ever Yours,


  1. Man, I can't believe someone would do that...ugh, the Internet. Just, the Internet. Damn dude, I'm so sorry to hear this happened. *hugs and sympathies all the way from Georgia!* What a terrible way to end an already awful day. Good grief, why must people do this sort of crap...aiya. I truly hope tomorrow will be a better day for you...and I hope that by Monday, I'll have footage recorded to start my playthrough, just like I planned. That will surely make you feel better, once it goes up and you see it. ^_^;

  2. That is the problem with people and anonymity. It allows people to be jerks with no form of judgement.


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