Friday, May 9, 2014


So yeah!  I got the job!  ^_^

Now I have two weeks of normalcy to look forward to before I begin my amazing new career!  So, if you've been waiting on things from me for, like, a month...  1.) My apologies!  2.) Watch for my communication to be back to normal after the weekend.  This weekend is actually my best friend's birthday weekend, so I'll still be a bit tied up until Sunday night.

So happy!  So exhausted!

Talk to ya later!


  1. I am just glad that things have worked out for you, my friend. ^_^ Congratulations and then some.
    What's funny is that the timing of your two weeks happens to, rather unfortunately, for the most part line up with my two weeks of being out of state! I'm flying home to visit my family in Texas, from the 15th to the 28th. And the rest of the days leading up to my leaving, I'm already pretty busy... I'm right now editing, rendering, and converting all my backlog of recorded (but not yet post-able) YouTube videos, and I still may not be able to get them all done before I leave. And that's on top of planning to record even more stuff on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yeah, I'm trying too hard! XD But well, if I'm gonna be gone two weeks, I wanna leave my watchers a decent amount of content to hold them over. ^_^;
    What that means for my hack is...well yes, unfortunately, I will be completely unable to communicate with you most of if not the entirely of my absence. But by all means, anything you want to say or react to, you can by all means do so. Heck, if anything, coming home to a lot of e-mails and/or YouTube PMs from you would make me really happy! ^_^; Especially since I'm sure you have far better things to do with your two weeks than mess with someone else's silly hack (so whatever time you can/do devote to it would mean a lot to me and then some).. So, yeah. ^_^; But here's hoping, at least. I just hope it doesn't sound too terribly selfish to hope...
    Anyway, yes, I'm happy for you that things went well, very happy! ^_^

  2. Excellent work! It's no surprise they chose you, after all you were the only candidate who thoroughly researched proper CPR techniques. I wish you godspeed and look forward to your invigoration!


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