Friday, April 25, 2014

My Top Six Retro Commercials!

Gentle Reader,

Okay, admit it.  Don't we all really love retro commercials?  Especially ones that we remember from our childhoods?  Don't we all have jingles in our heads for products that were discontinued 20 years ago?  Well, maybe it's just me, but even if so, I'm dragging you all down the rabbit hole of retro madness by presenting my top six super old commercials.  These are all commercials that I remember from my childhood, ranked in order of the total nostalgia points that they rack up with me.

Cherry 7-Up, circa 1988
I posted this one here before.  I hate cherry soda but I'm in love with her eyebrows.

Dimension Shampoo, circa 1985
It's Courtney Cox!  Now remember, girls... Dimension!  That's all you gotta do!

Jordache Jeans, circa 1978
Little bits of the 70's held on until around the time I went to kindergarten.

Whatchamacallit, circa 1987
This still runs in my head whenever I eat a delicious Whatchamacallit.

Miller Lite, circa 1992
This blew my mind at the time.  Still an amazing commercial IMHO!

Stetson, circa 1990
My favorite commercial of all time.  I hoped for years they'd bring it back!

All right, all right, that's enough for now.  But, feel free to share your own favorites if ya got 'em!!!

Ever Yours,

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  1. I can't believe I forgot the Whatchamacallit one, that was classic, heh. I haven't seen a bar of that in years, that I can recall anyway...but I admit I haven't thought about it in a while, so maybe I should look.


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