Sunday, October 6, 2013


Why him so grouchy???

Me just want to cuddle him until him smile.


  1. Why do I now imagine that to be a small sample of the conversation when Gau attempts to learn the Stray Cat Rage? XD
    "Uwaaoo~ "
    "No, Gau no hurt you! Me want cuddle you! Me want be friend!"
    "*keeps staring*"
    "Aw, no be like that! Gau friend! Gau friend!!"
    "*slinks off*"
    "Nooo! Come back, kitty!"
    "...Did I really see that?"
    "Sir Gau has strange ways. Your brother, Sabin, can attest to this!"
    "Actually, I think it's kind of cute. Awwwww!"
    "*facepalm* Of course, Terra...of course."

    1. AWWW! Darn it! Thanks to you, I'll never be able to fight a Stray Cat enemy again! No Catscratch attacks for me, ha ha!

    2. *bows* Thank yew, thank yew. Too kind. XD
      Well, you could always switch out Stray Cat for Pugs... I'm sure nobody would complain about missing Catscratch for a while, to gain Cleaver in the World of Ruin! XD


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