Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Road, My Journey

(Please forgive this amateurish translation of lyrics from a 20 year-old anime based on a 25 year-old game.  I'm just an old school Dragon Warrior II fanboy.)

I follow an unreachable dream
that I have carried all my life.
It stays with me along my road,
just as it was at the start.
I raise my eyes and I see another dawn, another light,
but still there is that familiar ache within my heart.

How many shoes I've worn through, I could never say.
As many, I suppose, as I have dreams.
Sometimes they get lost, dreams and shoes alike,
but I'll catch up with them someday.

My road, my journey, they have no end,
at least not that I can see.
Again we meet, again we part,
this is how it shall always be.
I fear I won't sleep well tonight for the loneliness I know.
Yet when I wake, I'll set out again, always toward tomorrow.

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