Friday, June 8, 2012

Aesthetics of Voltron

Gentle Reader,

 I still enjoy watching the 1980s cartoons that  I grew up with.  Some of them hold up remarkably well, despite  simplistic storytelling and rather two-dimensional characters.  Transformers and Jem impress me with the heart and care that went into their production, despite the fact that they feel dated today.  He-Man and She-Ra are amusing despite their over the top, hammy, outrageous voice acting.  G.I. Joe is an absolute treat, even on a more grown-up level (the Sunbow series, anyway).

I am sad to say, however, that Voltron is almost unwatchable.  This show was a Frankenstein mash-up of scattered pieces of various anime, and wow, does it show.  It's rife with non-sequitirs.  The dialogue often doesn't match what is happening on screen, at least not very well, and it just feels from start to finish like a cut and paste job.  It's a mess.

With that said, however...  I absolutely adore the visual aesthetic of Voltron.  I mean, wow, this is one gorgeous cartoon universe.  It features such eye candy as these exotic vistas...

As well as these adorable characters from both the good guy and bad guy teams...

And some inspired neo-classical character designs...

Not to mention the totally super-gorgeous and completely ass-kicking Princess Allura.

Because let's not kid ourselves.  If you grew up with Voltron, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl or gay or straight, it was always all about Allura.

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