Sunday, October 16, 2011

UPDATE - Final Fantasy IV: Golbez Edition Hack

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Is this a filler post?  Well... yes.  I've spent much of the weekend working on a research project for a client.  So, to fill the void, here are some additional screenshots from my Golbez hack of Final Fantasy IV.  See the original article for more details.

I haven't released the hack yet because there are some bugs to work out.  They don't make the game unplayable, but they cause some really nasty effects.  All I can say is, I put way too much time into this hack to just drop it.  It will be released... eventually?

Link Added 11/27/11:

Link Added 11/23/11:
Progress Update #4
Link Added 11/13/2011:
Progress Update #3 (Video) 

Link Added 10/30/2011:
Progress Update #2

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