Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DOWNLOAD - Final Fantasy VI: General Leo Edition Hack v3.1

Gentle Reader,

Version 3.1 of the General Leo Edition hack is here!

This version is pretty ambitious, delivering a LOT of expanded scenes.  It still feels very much like the original Woolsey translation, but it explores such questions as:
  • Why was Celes branded a traitor?
  • Did Cyan know who Sabin was when they met?
  • Why can Celes sing like she does?
  • Did something happen between Setzer and Maria?
  • Where was Celes during the banquet?
  • Why was Relm in the cave on the Veldt?
  • And many more!
See the included readme for more details.

Enjoy!  And as always, I'm happy to receive your feedback.

General Leo Edition Hack version 3.2 download (Updated 1/18/16) article

Thanks for supporting the project!  :)

Ever Yours,


  1. Sorry to be off-topic for a second, but I was wondering something. With FF4sker having reached a really advanced point in development, is there a chance you might port the Playable Golbez Hack to use it?

    1. Sorry, that's FF4kster, found here:

    2. I've been thinking about that a lot lately... I haven't made a decision because it would be a huge undertaking, but it is very tempting! (And no need to apologize for the off-topic post, any project discussion is welcome here!)

  2. I rarely get excited about games these days. But I've been anticipating this for a long time! I have a bit of a strange question.

    You know how in the beginning of ff6, Vicks and Wedge start at the top of the mountain, discuss the frozen Esper and then we are treated to the opening credits of the 3 of them marching through the snow on Magitek armor.

    The bizarre thing to me is: wouldn't they have had to walk back through Narshe to get there?

    1. Well, my guess would be that it was a similar rocky outcropping, but not actually the same one, that is seen behind Narshe later in the story. After all, Biggs and Wedge do say that they're approaching the town from the east, rather than from the north! :)


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