Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another great Let's Play of the General Leo Edition!

Gentle Reader,

Check it out, or... I'LL KILL YOU! (Okay, not really, but...)

Link to Part One!

You really do have to watch whether you want to or not, because this fine fellow was a huge help to me in perfecting the hack in the first place!

Ever Yours,


  1. Oh man! Thank you sir, thank you for the acknowledgement here. I only hope that I can do you and your hack justice! I may not be the greatest LPer, speaker, gamer, or really anything, but dammit, I shall try my best to give you and your hack my best. Because I think that it is a hack certainly deserving of such! (Speaking of which, off to another session of recording...barring any unforeseen interruptions, at least!) I will show the world the power of Gau! (And of course General Leo, but that goes without saying...heh.)

  2. YAY! Another person to get the word out on this awesome hack!

  3. Bohepans and Jason: Thank you both so much for your videos! I really appreciate that you both enjoyed the hack enough to get involved this way. It means a lot to me!

    1. To think I wouldn't likely have ended up doing so, if I hadn't wanted to submit that bug report involving Leo dialogue...hah.

    2. I feel that it is us that should be thanking you for this awesome hack!


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