Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gay Marriage


  1. Hah! I saw a bigger image like this, amounting to the same thing. It is to laugh, and yet it is a sad indicator of the way things are. I honestly feel terrible for those who can't marry right now just because of some supposed "sanctity" of marriage (that these fools aren't even defending well to begin with!)...
    "George Bush, The Pope, and other conservatives explain: Marriage is a Sacred Institution...
    ...Between strangers who had sex once. [Image of a pregnant woman and a guy wearing a baseball cap, the latter with a shotgun pointed at his back.]
    ...Between drunk people in Las Vegas. [Image of two drunk people. "I -urp!- do." "Do what?"]
    ...Between reality game show contestants. [Image of two wide-eyed people with a caption ,The "Winners", printed underneath them.]
    ...Between celebrities looking for some extra publicity. [Image of a guy holding a pre-nup, and a woman with a HUGE diamond ring, being interviewed by "E!"]
    ...Between wealthy, elderly men and shapely young women. [Image of an old man and a young woman, their obvious wants displayed in thought bubbles.]
    ...Between our elected leaders and whomever they leave their spouse for. [Image of two members of politics, holding up a "FAMILY VALUES!" sign.]
    ...Between repressed, self-hating gay men and oblivious women. [Image of a guy clearly not wanting to be married but going through with it anyway.]
    But it's clearly not meant for loving, committed, same-sex couples. [Image: "Well, that argument does make you think..." "But we're willing to be tolerant of the marriage institution."]"
    Is it really so terrible to allow two people in love to be married, just because they're the same gender? I'll never understand some of the ways that human beings can think... Is love and tolerance really such a difficult concept to accept? Are we, as human beings, so incapable of such a thing? Maybe I'm just thinking about this too much, but still...

    1. Preaching to the converted, mate! (Or de-converted, as the case may be.) I have a cousin who, as a 25 year-old beauty, married a 50-year old billionaire. I'm sure it was true love, right? But that's OK because that's "sacred." Funny, I didn't realize that government was in the sanctity business...

    2. "One nation under God", right? Wait, were they talking about a golden idol known as money?? Booooo! ...oh wait, Halloween's over, I can't say that anymore. "Nay"? Would that be acceptable? Hah. But in seriousness, yeah. It's unfortunate that it often is this way. At least there's hope yet since a few of us have managed to see how stupid it all sounds, but, yeah. I cannot be so easily convinced, society, that souls are marked with the same gender as the physical body - or even if that is somehow true, it would be even more difficult to convince me that it could in some way possibly matter and prevents love from being possible. Because I know better. Society has started to accept that love is color blind - so I wonder, will you and I live to see the day that society also finally starts to accept that love is gender blind as well? I at least have hope, small as it is one of my fondest wishes for this world, heh. (Miss America can have her wishes for world peace, as I certainly like the idea as well, but I'd also like to see this happen too.)

    3. For what it's worth, I think we've turned the corner. You aren't going to convince everybody (there are still communities in the southern USA having racially-segregated proms), but we're well on our way. BTW sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet on the other matters. I'm following up this week on an amazing career opportunity, keep your fingers crossed for me, ha ha!


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