Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shout Out

Gentle Reader,

This is a shout out to Chuckro at The World of Insufficient Light blog who not only downloaded and played my Golbez hack, but also took the time to post a thorough review.  Thanks, Chuck--I really appreciate it!

I'm hoping that my visitors will give Chuck's blog a look.  Please be advised, though, that spoilers for the hack are included in the review.

Thanks again, Chuck!

The World of Insufficient Light

Ever Yours,

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  1. I probably should have posted this earlier myself, but I just noticed it reading through the list of changes in 1.3.

    "This might be controversial, but Tellah no longer gains these "overpowered" spells: Cure4, Life2, Fire3, Ice3, and Bolt3. He does get Safe, Shell, and Dispel, for what it's worth."

    I have no problem with this, as it makes certain bosses (Cagnazzo especially) a joke. However, if you still have it (and I belive you do), you MAY want to change the random battle guarding the Slumber Sword in Eblan Castle in that case; that battle pretty much requires use of Fire3/Ice3 to win, and if you don't have either, you're just going to die. And the Slumber Sword is worthless if you don't pick it up before the Magnetic Cavern, so waiting for better character isn't really an option.


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