Saturday, August 11, 2012

Final Fantasy IV: Surprise Poses

Gentle Reader,

While I was working on my Golbez hack, I found myself wishing that Final Fantasy IV included the "surprise" poses found in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.  So... I made them!

When and how would you use them?  Well, Final Fantasy IV playable characters have two poses for waving.  Only the first of these two poses is used in the vast majority of instances.  So, you could definitely get away with replacing the second one with a surprise pose, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Let me know if you use them!

Ever Yours,


  1. What program would you recommend to hack the English translation of the Japanese version? I am trying to do a complete sprite, event, and dialogue hack. Which ROM would you recommend?

  2. Botcho, I just now noticed your comment. Sorry for the late reply! There are two primary programs that I used for my ROM hacking: FF4Tools (a hacking utility specific to this game) and XVI32 (a general hex editor).

    FF4Tools can help you to easily identify which code to alter to change whatever element of the game you want to work on, but it doesn't actually edit the ROM. You then use XVI32 to insert the new code generated by FF4Tools into the right place in the ROM itself. This is the best system, I find, since utilities that directly hack the ROM often create bugs.

    Other utilities I found helpful were FF2usME (don't use it to edit spell names, it will glitch), SMCHack (don't use it to edit monsters, it will glitch), SNES Palette Editor, and TileMolester.


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