Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Word Gets Around

Gentle Reader,

I find this amusing.

Pictured below is a site that has referred multiple people to my blog in the less than 48 hours since I released my ROM hack of Final Fantasy IV.


Here's what the page says, as per Google Translate:

Fauntleroy did and posted a good mod hack "Playable Golbez Edition" for the original game "Final Fantasy IV" on 16-bit game console Super Nintendo. This hack allows you to connect to the game character Golbez Cecil and the team together to destroy the Giant of Bab-il. In addition, the game adds a lot of new items of equipment, as well as many other very interesting innovations. Additional information about the hackers and the ability to download it - on the blog romhakera.

Double wow!  How neat!


Ever Yours,

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