Sunday, August 14, 2011

Game Project: Afterlife

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AFTERLIFE is an original adventure game that I am creating use the RPG Toolkit game creation system.

AFTERLIFE version 2 demo download
RPG Toolkit Site

Project Introduction from RPG Toolkit site:
An intact human body is worth less than five dollars when broken down into its component minerals.  But imagine if we could make that body into a tireless, uncomplaining work machine.  Then how much would a body be worth?  And what lengths would people go to, to either control this technology... or destroy it?

About the Project text from RPG Toolkit site:
Afterlife is an adventure game which I have been developing for about a year.  If you enjoy games like Snatcher, Clock Tower, or Shadowgate, then you will probably enjoy Afterlife.

This game does not use a stats system, does not feature special abilities or equipment, does not have a multi-character party, and has a very simple battle engine.  The object is to travel around, meeting characters and obtaining evidence.  Showing the right evidence to the right character opens up new options and advances the story.

The world of Afterlife is set in the future and references some fantasy technology.  However, it is a familiar world with many homages to classic mysteries and detective stories, 1940s film noir, cheesy science fiction, and 1980s and 90s anime-influenced video RPGs.

Title Screen
Your Girl Friday
Friend or Foe?
In-Game Menu
Traveling Between Locations
Ambivalent Feelings About Restrooms
Battle System

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